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If you’re on a first date and looking for love, avoid taking any incoming calls. Seventy five percent of single people said they find answering the phone on a first date a big turn off. The study of over 5,500 singletons found that 66% don’t want you texting someone on a first date and 58% thought ….

Cycling does not harm sexual health

If you were worried your cycling habit might be risking your performance in the bedroom you can breathe easy. Researchers have found that cyclists have no worse erectile function than non-cyclists. The study of …

Enthusiasm is key to good sex

Showing enthusiasm in the bedroom will likely lead to good sex, a study has found. Over 80% of respondents said for sex to be considered good their partner needs to be caring and enthusiastic. Seventy five percent said orgasm …

No abs in sight

If you are looking for a chiselled six pack, or to reduce your waistline, you may be tempted to focus on abdominal exercises like crunches. However, the best way to work your abs is through large, compound movements.  …


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