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While we patiently wait for snow, relying on the unpredictable UK weather forecast, you could give Nordic walking a try. This outdoor activity involves the use of two poles to move you along and help you ….


l Ice skating is fast becoming more and more popular around the UK. The key to ice skating is balance. If you are a beginner, attempting
to stay upright as you slide around the ice can be a lot harder than you think. You may fall over at the drop of a hat, but ice skating could really help you work on your balance through interesting and fun exercise. Moving across a …


l The UK is expecting snow again this winter according to long range weather forecasts fromthe Met office, which means we can head toour nearest hill for an activity that is a lot of fun as well as a very effective workout. Sitting in an upright position in your sledge, you travel down a snowy hill, steering the sledge as you go, and maybe even adding some twists and turns to make the route more exciting and the sledge travel faster…

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